Pepka Boyadjieva and Petya Ilieva-Trichkova from the JustEdu project presented a keynote speech: ‘Is there anything beyond happiness? A comparative European perspective towards the multi-dimensional character of subjective well-being’ at the Trust and Well-Being in the Balkans: Regional conference. This conference was held on 30th September – 1st October, 2021 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference was carried out virtually. It was organized by the Bulgarian Sociological Association (BSA) as the leading partner in collaboration with the national sociological associations of Romania, Serbia and Northern Macedonia. The conference aim was to provide a forum for comparative analysis, based on the data and findings of the European Social Survey (ESS) across the Balkan countries and beyond.

This international collaboration offered up more than 20 research presentations representing the work of scholars from more than 10 countries. It attracted in total 65 participants.

More details about the conference are available here:
Theme of the conference – BSA (