We are very delighted to announce that the paper: Ilieva-Trichkova, Petya, & Boyadjieva, Pepka. (2021). Participation in adult education as a layered process: Reconsidering the effects of social origin and innovation. Proceedings of the Adult Education in Global Times Conference, Edited by Jude Walker, Gabriella Maestrini, & Suzanne Smythe, Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE), ISBN:978-0-920056-54-7, 288-294, which was prepared within the JustEdu project, has been published: 8719521.pdf (ugent.be).


This paper aims at exploring the socioeconomic background’s (dis)advantages in participation in adult education and whether they can be mitigated by the country’s level of innovation. It uses data from the Adult Education Survey (2016) for 29 European countries and applies multilevel modelling to investigate cross-level interactions between two measures of socioeconomic background (parents’ education and household income) and the level of innovation on participation in adult formal and nonformal education. The results show that higher country’s level of innovation is associated with more advantages among those with low socioeconomic background in relation to participation in formal adult education.