Svetlomir Zdravkov from the JustEdu project presented a paper entitled “Online education and digital inclusion. How different EU countries and their citizens are adapting to the technological change in education?” at the Beyond 4.0 Scientific conference: Inclusive Futures for Europe Beyond Industrie4.0 and Digital Disruption, which was carried off and online in Sofia, Bulgaria on 30th September – 1st October, 2021.

The conference was organised by the BEYOND4.0 Consortium and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (in collaboration with the European School of Social Innovation ESSI, the European Workplace Innovation EUWIN network and other networks and projects such as Paradigms 4.0) in order to give international researchers in social sciences an opportunity to exchange the results of recent research in different fields of the consequences of digital transformations on work and employment. The conference aim was to present and discuss project findings thus far. In addition, relevant contributions from other EU projects and research on the digital transformation are encouraged in order to synergize and synthesize results.

The conference went way above expectations: 34 presentations in person, 86 presenters from 22 countries, 84 online and offline simultaneous attendees at the peak.

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